Pure Wellness

We have partnered with Pure Wellness! Two non-negotiables in staying on track with our best health are support and immersion. Pure Wellness exists to offer exactly this through 24/7 on demand and livestream classes, education, and workshops and it is only an Additional $22 a month to your current membership** Either ICY Unlimited Membership PLUS+ or Just Membership PLUS+

With over 750 yoga, meditation, breath work, functional movement, holistic health, food as medicine, and personal power options to choose from, your wellness journey stays fresh and motivating. Our educator team is highly experienced and each leader brings an unique lens for understanding and potential tools for exploring your wellness.

You are invited to explore how to access your own inner wisdom, to experience wellness beyond exercise, diet and metrics, and to immerse yourself into the practice of living your best life.

Business subscription memberships are also available as a wellness benefit for your employees. Interested In Offering To Your Employees? Schedule time to discuss a Company Membership.