June is a turning point which encompasses the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. During this month we will be learning more about Sauca, a limb of yoga that means cleanliness, clarity and purity. In daily life we focus on the day to day and during times of turning a corner we find ourselves reflecting to see what we can change, what we can evolve to become, and who are we actually are.
When thinking of cleanliness we first think of the physical. Our body, our environment and maybe the areas in which we live. However cleanliness can extend into our thought. We are not our thoughts but sometimes we can wonder, why would I think this or that? What type of person does this mean I am? Our yoga practice doesn’t stop on the mat. The mat is the hot plate for us to purge and transform. We then take our minds from the mat and can restructure the radio we have our thoughts tuned to. The breath is not just to carry the body, but also a tool to listen to when we are lost in the mind; the breath is a tool to clean our thoughts.
Clarity is something that is possible to see in the sky or the water. But to translate that into our lives, what does that mean? When we think of what direction our life is heading in do we know where we are going? Have we remembered what we came here to do? Some feel as if they have no purpose and they are just floating about. I myself felt this way for a while. But someone dear to me made the point that if we are still breathing we are still here with a purpose. Most often that purpose might not be clear because we are caught in our own heads. Take the time to look up and look out of your own sphere. Does your unconditional love stop past the four corners of your mat? Where can you give more? Who can you love on more? How can you love out LOUD (LOL)
Purity is so often used to just something as being pure. But what of the chaos? How can we find purity with so much craziness in today’s world? Close you eyes… after reading this paragraph… take a breath. Where is your heart? Find the purity in your heart to maintain your practice as you leave the mat. Take the purity of love with you when you see that unsavory character on the street and smile love at them, remember they are just love and light also. With love, the tiger can find no place to plant his tooth.
June 21st is the longest day of the year. The sun will burn bright in the sky and purge the light to bring about the darkness and guide us into the close of the year. On this day we will be leading a practice to help you find purity on that mat. We will do 4 rounds of practice that will consist of 27 Sun Salutation for a total of 108. The diameter of the Sun’s distance is 108 times itself away from us here on earth.