Surya Namaskar also known as Sun Salutation A is a series of poses originally put together by ancient yogis to praise the rising of the sun and warm the body in preparation for meditation. Generally we only cover one pose but this month I thought I would break it down (yes you heard my DJ wrappin skillz … rapping lol).

So come with me to the top of our mats. Align the feet side by side. Soften the shoulders, close the eyes and relax the jaw line all the way up to the ears. Take a few cycles of breath. If you’re having a hard time getting out of your head, just get into your breath. Listen for the audible song of your inhale and exhale. From here on we are going to practice in a mostly vinyasa style flow (one breath one movement).

With your next inhale lift the arms high reaching for the sun. With your exhale pull your palms through the mid line pressing them together and fold into forward fold. Begin to lift your torso with your inhale for half way lift or flat back. Now we are going to travel with our next exhale planting the palms and step back for high to low plank, hugging the elbows close into the sides. With the following inhale lift the chest and turn the tops of the feet flat on the mat for up dog. Exhale tuck your toes under and push back to lift the hips into downward facing dog. Pause taking five cycles of breath. At the bottom of your last inhale (meaning right before your 6th inhale) bend both knees. Inhale stepping forward straight into halfway lift and exhale into forward fold. Inhale your arms forward and up (engaging your core strength). And with your exhale pull the palms to your heart or to rest down by your sides.

I personally always love floating my palms to my heart reverently. I find peace in this gesture.