Tonight, after an inspiring workshop, I stayed behind at the yoga studio to finish up some work. As I sat at my desk, I began to notice the silence. I stopped typing and just sat there for a few minutes. Then I really noticed it. The silence enveloped the energies of the studio. I felt such peace. I paused a bit longer, working toward completely clearing my thoughts and just feeling. As I ventured into the practice room, thinking I would just meditate in there for a few minutes, tears filled my eyes as I opened the door. It was like all the beautiful energy, the power, the cleansing, the sweat, the tears, the compassion, the guidance and every emotion that was ever felt in that room, engulfed me in that moment. What a glorious feeling! I walked to the center of the room, and sat there on the hardwood floor, staring at the golden glow of the salt lamps. I just sat there, envisioning the students that come here to dig deep, give and take what they need and allow a little piece of themselves to be left behind. That little piece, that energy, that love, that sweat, that compassion, that grit that comes from their very soul, cumulates into a peaceful, blissful energy that fills the studio and radiates out to the street.

I own the brick and mortar of the studio, but the students, the teachers, the community, the yogis, own the love that fills this space and share it with each other. That is yoga, where the energy you leave behind, the energy that remains, is to the benefit of all who enter. A true and authentic glow reflecting in the walls of the studio, welcomes the next beginner with a warm hug and gentle smile.