Hey Yogis, so I have confession to make…. I LOVE to cook (hearts, happy face, unicorn emoji). So I cannot do just a recipe post this month. I’m pretty obsessed with Asian food and not fast food take out. Now in case you didn’t know India is in the continent of Asia and so (drum roll) I will be doing two traditional Indian recipes. The first will be Veggie Korma and the second will be Chai. So lets get started with the Veggie Korma.

Veggie Korma is basically a curry topped over stemmed vegetables and rice. I prefer Jasmine rice, and according to a friend of mine the best way to cook Jasmine rice is to rinse it only once or twice and then cover it with an inch and a half of water. Bring to a rolling boil and then cut the heat down to low and leave covered until rice is tender and delicious. When it comes to the veggies I prefer to use fresh carrots, cabbage, broccoli and green beans. And because they are fresh from the produce section you must process them BUT my favorite Indian food cart in Portland Oregon (shout out) did use the canned version of carrots and beans and corn and I was just as happy with that. The magic really happens with the toppings. So if you have decided to follow my time consuming route, lightly steam your veggies to a medium tenderness and set aside…. Now lets get to the magic.