Ovulation: a time for action, trying new things enjoying your energetic peak! The ovulation phase occurs during week three of a woman’s menstruation cycle and lasts for 5 days. During ovulation, an egg is released from a follicle in your ovaries and lives for 12-24 hours, awaiting fertilization. Meanwhile, your estrogen and testosterone rise to their peak levels. Let’s delve into what this means for you emotionally and energetically, and just how to approach this phase in your lifestyle and your practice.
Emotionally, you may be experiencing high levels of confidence in both mind and body, allowing you to freely speak your mind and actively seek connection with others. You may find yourself opting for that tighter top, or bolder lipstick. Rather than feeling shy of other’s attentions, you will comfortably bask in them (and considering that confidence is attractive, you will likely receive higher levels of attention, too!).
During ovulation your sex drive and energy levels will peak. You may find yourself staying up later than usual to finish that project, or selecting a power yoga flow over a gentler option. Enjoy this physical ease and exuberance, as it is one of the ovulation phase’s special gifts to you, and will not linger all month! This is also the time to take action on the things you planned for during your follicular phase, as your mental energy is elevated now, too.
When planning out your month, reserve big projects, hot dates, public speaking, job interviews, and the like for week three of your menstruation cycle. Being fertile with your creative energy means so much more than only becoming impregnated: birth an idea, an art project, a friendship, a metaphorical baby that you’ve been waiting to bring into existence. Spend your time in extroversion, in connection with others, trying new things and knocking out to-dos. Nurture your ideas.
Adjust your practice accordingly and take a power flow at a new studio you’ve been contemplating trying. Push yourself to the extent that it feels good. Allow yourself to sweat, to learn a new pose, to listen to loud music. Set your intention for your practice with embodying creative playfulness in mind. Consider incorporating breath of fire into your practice to reflect the burning energy within.
This is the Mother Phase, and it is powerful, nurturing sustenance. Extend these characteristics that have cultivated within you to those around you, and pour them into your projects. Enjoy this last bit of rising energy before you settle into week 4: the luteal phase, also known as PMS.