Yoga has an expansive ability to create change. Any yogi, from their first practice can express the awe of their experience. Yoga isn’t only created to bring movement into our bodies.

Through asana, we stretch, tone and strengthen our physical selves. Postures are meant to bring unique shifts to our bodies so we can dive deeper into the internal self.

Through breath, we expand our exploration into that internal self. By allowing the rise and fall of our abdomen and inflation and deflation of our lungs, we can almost feel the blood flow through each vessel. As the beating heart circulates fresh oxygen with inhale, we calm. With each exhale, we release, old, stale air and whatever else may need to leave our bodies.

Through stillness, we are able to listen, moving tranquility through our minds, latching on to the movement and moments of peace. With the pause, we can listen to our bodies, our thoughts and feelings.

As we bring movement into the bodies, we create an opening in the heart. This opening brings fissures into the emotional self. Allowing these cracks to break open, flooding our bodies with the experience of each emotion, we create the capacity to release stuck feelings, moving past hurt, disappointment and grief, making space for love, joy and happiness.

With yoga, your whole presence moves in sync with your needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. As all the muscles, breath and emotions move through your body, you can choose which to keep and which to let go. Yoga is a practice of movement through body, mind and soul. Yoga is you, your life and your experience.