Inspired Change Yoga is a safe supportive community, for all to practice, explore, and connect with self and others allowing students to carry that beyond the mat.

Dearest Community

It is with a heavy heart, that I have decided to close the doors to this chapter of my life and Inspired Change Yoga. With the loss of our physical space, we just can not afford to up fit another space, as I would like. This decision has not been easy for me to make. I have grown to love each of you and my heart breaks, as I type these words. I have weighed every option and played out every scenario, but, financially, I just can not make it work, at this time.

After 5 years, such great vibes and memories that fill this space, our last day for classes will be Tuesday, November 24. On the 25th, I will be at the studio from 10am-6pm for everyone to drop by and say goodbye.

I have truly valued each of you and am extremely blessed to know you. You have each brightened my life more than you will ever know.  I will be available for some privates, if anyone is interested,starting after January 15th. I will maintain my email and phone number, if you want to reach out at any point. The Inspired Change Yoga Community Facebook page will remain. Please stay in touch and informed with the latest from me, other teachers and members of the community. I am not done with the yoga world, just shifting into my soul’s next purpose.I am going to take some time to focus on my tween and teen program that I am developing and on some personal writing and growth.

Just know that each of you has given me such gifts and I am a better yoga teacher, friend and human because you have touched my life.

I pray that each of you maintains and continues to grow in your practice. So much Love and Light,

Inspired Change Yoga

Carrie Myers

“Wobbling Builds Muscle. Falling Builds Character.” ~Carrie

Pure Wellness

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You are invited to explore how to access your own inner wisdom, to experience wellness beyond exercise, diet and metrics, and to immerse yourself into the practice of living your best life.

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Join us to breathe, discovery yourself and be a part of an amazing community.


No growth has ever come from your comfort zone.





Being new to yoga, I was very intimidated to try! I have felt so welcomed and encouraged with each class I’ve taken at inspired yoga (probably 15+ classes now.) All of the instructors take notice of my beginner status and make sure to help me pose safely and properly. I’ve been apart of many fitness groups, and Inspired Yoga is by far the most personal and fun for me. Can’t wait to continue my practice! -Lindsay Banks

Such a great place to practice whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years! The instructors are so helpful especially if you need an alternative to a traditional pose (like for my hip injury). I had wanted to try yoga and I found the perfect mix of challenging and rewarding!!
Give it a try! – Lori Cavanaugh

This is my favorite yoga studio in Asheville! Lots of awesome teachers and have made sooo many new friends! Plus.. it’s close to home! -Denise

“I swim, run and play tennis. Yoga never really interested me until I had to find a way to recover and rehabilitate post knee surgery and calm myself down from the pain of eye surgery. I have spent the month of March trying the wide variety of classes offered at Inspired Change and getting to know some wonderful people. The instructors are talented, intuitive and kind; willing to be helpful or give you space and honor your practice. I can’t imagine doing this recovery without having such a safe and strong place to gather myself and I can’t imagine going forward now without continuing to practice yoga. If you’ve ever thought about trying a class, don’t hesitate any longer. Yoga isn’t just for Yogis; it’s for all of us!” Joanna Stonestreet

I think your studio is very special and the best place I’ve ever done yoga — including Philly and NYC!!! After our move to Haywood County (outside of Lake Junaluska), I haven’t been able to find a space like yours, and unfortunately your studio is just too far for consistent attendance. I do miss your classes though! May you be blessed with many more years of success as you hold space for those seeking healing, growth and change on multiple levels. You are a gift!  Rebekah

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