Class Descriptions

Inspired Change Yoga takes an all-levels approach to teaching, so whether you’ve never practiced a day in your life or you’re a seasoned yogi, you can take a class in our studio. Our teachers are trained to offer modifications that can help you find more ease or more challenge, depending on YOUR individual needs.

Give all our classes a try, and find what feels best for your body!

Align and Flow

A more mindful flow class, that allows you to get into full alignment in each pose. You will ground down from your toes, and align through the crown of your head. You will leave feeling taller and stronger. Unheated.

All Levels Flow

This flowing class incorporates yoga postures in a fluid, flowing style, that combines integration of breath with movement, and alignment principals. Accessible to all levels of practitioners, the class may include a variety of core work, hip openers, inversions, and backbends. Leave feeling cleansed, energized and inner-connected. Modifications are given. Unheated.


CardiYoga is an energetic mix of yoga and cardio. With foundations in Kundalini Yoga, mixed with plyometrics and HIIT. CardiYoga is guaranteed to make you sweat, strengthen, and smile. CardiYoga is an invigorating and empowered flow, with good beats, twerking, and positive energy. During class you will find yourself aligning your Chakras, strengthening your body, and balancing your mind— all through freeing movement. Unheated.

Chakti Yoga

CHAKTI Is an energetic empowered flow of yoga. Good beats. Wild. Free. Inspired to fuel your chakras and fuze your mind and body into a powerful relationship of self love. From Kundalini foundations to HIIT be prepared for conscious and free movement to great beats. Promise you will sweat, strengthen and smile. Unheated.

Digging Deeper Into the Pose

This class begins with a gentle warm-up flow to prepare for a deeper dive into a yoga pose. Each week, one pose will be explored in depth during the second half of the class. This class is perfect for beginners and those ready to take their yoga practice to the next level. You will learn adaptations, how to work toward a trickier pose, and safe yet, playful ways to explore the depth of a yoga practice. Bring your questions and friends and leave feeling calm and uplifted with new knowledge you can apply in your next class at Inspired Change Yoga! Heated to 85 Degrees.

Fundamentals of Meditation

In this class, we will discuss the fundamentals of meditation. Exploring different techniques and traditions, we will discover our own meditation practices through breath, focus and intention. This class includes a gentle stretch, yoga Nidra, seated meditation, and breath work. Unheated.

Flow and Yin

A class to lead you through a mindful, gentle flow, and end with the power of Yin yoga.  Yin allows for a deeper stretch, by staying in seated, or lying poses 3-5 minutes.  Heated.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Flow is open to all levels of practice and abilities. This class is especially great for beginners or those searching for a slower class. This soothing gentle practice, focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses, while using the breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. The slow pace of this class allows you to enjoy each pose. Expect lots of stretching and lengthening with a heavy dose of relaxation to wrap up your practice and leave you feeling great. Unheated.

Partner Yoga

Bring your partner for 75 minutes of power partner flow and stretching, appropriate for all levels. No yoga experience or flexibility required, only an open mind and desire to have fun! Led by Eduardo Balcells MD and his wife Cristy, you’ll be sure to laugh, learn, groove, and move during this class. Join us after class for an optional informal dinner gathering at Brixx Pizza just around the corner. Advance registration encouraged. Occurs on the first Thursday of each month. Unheated.

Power Flow

This transformative all-levels class, is both inspiring and perspiring. Based on the Journey into Power sequence, developed by Baron Baptiste, this practice challenges the beginner or the advanced. We practice in a warm room and you will sweat. This is a total body workout, and a complete rinse. Bring a yoga mat, hand towel, and beach towel or yogi toe. Be sure to hydrate. HEATED to 90 Degrees.

Power Flow (Unheated)

UNHEATED~! All Yogis are welcome! This transformative all-levels class is both inspiring and perspiring. Based on the Journey into Power sequence, developed by Baron Baptiste, this practice challenges the beginner or the advanced. We practice in unheated room, but you will sweat. This is a total body workout and a complete rinse. Bring a yoga mat, hand towel, and water.  UNHEATED.

Sunday Morning Yoga

A combination of gentle all levels flow, and Yin. Ease into your Sunday morning with Jessica. Feel relaxed yet energized! Unheated.

Yoga Basics

A gentle flow class. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a deeper understanding of alignment and breath basics, for standing and balancing poses, and floor sequences found in many yoga classes. Unheated.

Yoga Boot Camp

No barbells or burpees! This class is a high-energy vigorous yoga flow, with some light hand weights. The class will get you moving and sweating to rocking music. Yoga bootcamp is fun, challenging, and will make you stronger inside and out! The sequence includes fast-paced flow, planks, bodyweight exercises, abs, and arm balances in addition to some deep stretches, and a focus on breath. Participants report burning 390-600 calories in one class! You don’t have to be an advanced yogi to attend, but some prior yoga or fitness experience is helpful. HEATED to 90 degrees.

Warm Candlelight Flow

A warm and slower moving 75 minute vinyasa flow, lit by candlelight. Center your body on your breath, increase suppleness of your joints, with a warm-up, strengthen the connection of your body, mind and spirit with the flow. Explore any tension in the body with longer held, deep yoga poses and finish practice with relaxation/meditationin savasana. All levels welcome. This practice is set to music and the room is heated to approximately 90 degrees.