About Us

In order to build strong women and strong communities, we must lead our girls to know they are valued, worthy, beautiful, intelligent and loving human beings. We must teach them to know they are in control of their bodies, minds, spirit and health. We must instill gratitude, self-care and healthy habits to carry with them throughout
life's journey.
The S*E*L*F Program is a 6 week
program to help Middle School age girls to develop Self Love, Empower them to live in their authenticity, grow through compassion, share their unique selves and truths and develop healing and self care tools to carry with them throughout their lives.

  • Mission

    Inspired Change Yoga’s mission, is to develop a strong community supporting the goals of health and fitness through yoga. We strive to provide our customers with well-rounded courses, to enhance the mind-body connection, provide physical outlets for stress, and encourage raw expression, and playfulness.


    Inspired Change Yoga



    Spirit Empowerment Love


    A 6 Week Yoga Integration Program for Middle School Girls

    Focusing on Self *Intention Setting *Mindfulness *Self-Acceptance *Self-Discipline *Self-Love


  • Culture

    Simply put, we like to work hard and have fun. Integrity, truth and trust are the principals that ground and guide us. Carrie has a Master of Social Work degree and has always cared deeply for the youth or our world.  Her goal is to help these young ladies develop life long skills to carry its them through all of life’s challenges.

  • Service

    Inspired Change Yoga has been dedicated to serving the Asheville community for 5 years.  Due to many changes, we have pivoted to a more septic goal in the yoga community, our middle school girls. Through community outreach projects, volunteering with county school, home school groups and charter school and mentoring programs, Carrie has seen the need to develop the S*E*L*F program to help young ladies discover who they are in their authenticity, before the world tells them who they think they should be.