The first thing that you need to know about our Namaste 90 Challenge is that you are already perfect, just as you are.  The purpose of the Namaste 90 Challenge is to help you establish, or re-establish, your routine of self-care.  During the holidays, especially, we get busy, distracted, frantic and take more time for others than ourselves.  So as January briskly blows in, it is time to regain focus on yourself.

The Namaste 90 Challenge is for YOU, Mind, Body and Soul.  It does not matter which classes you take, as long as you walk through the door and get on your mat.  You, then, mark the chart and begin to collect classes and develop a pattern of coming to yoga and taking time for yourself.

We have also partnered with Specialized Physical Therapy, located in Gerber Village.  Sean Simond has offered to give each participant three evaluations, beginning, mid-way and ending of the challenge.  These evaluations will help you see your progress and encourage you to continue in your self-care.

So for $150, you get three months of unlimited yoga, 3 physical therapy evaluations, an incredible amount of support, the opportunity to challenge yourself and meet new and wonderful people.

And lastly, if you achieve the most classes attended, you win a one year membership of unlimited yoga at Inspired Change Yoga.  Come in today and get this gift for yourself or for a loved one!

See you on your mat!