Authenticity. Growth. Relationships. Joy. Service.

These are my five inner touchstones, also known as my values.  The “tests” I use when I’m making a decision or double checking where I am in my life. When I am living by my values, I feel an ease in my life. There is a flow. An internal strength. When I am out of alignment with my values, I am often grumpy, angry, frustrated and unproductive. 

What are values? Simply put, values are a set of beliefs that we strive to live by. They represent what is important to us. They guide our actions and decision. Some people think of them as an internal compass. I think of them as my inner touchstones. 

What are your values? Only you can answer that. Everyone has a different set of values. Even if we have the same words as our values, they are based on our interpretation and perspective. To one, the word peace might mean “no violence or war” while to another it means “comfort and ease, being at peace.” As your life changes and grows, your values may change as well. 

When you start to think about your values, think about what words resonate with you. Would you stand up for your value, even if it made you unpopular or if you had to stand alone.  If you hear the word “should” related to your values, then it is probably not your authentic value but one you are placing on yourself. 

I encourage you to find your own inner touchstones and work to live your life in alignment. 

If you are interested in doing more work around your inner touchstones, please reach out to Allison Jordan, Yoga Instructor and Executive Coach, at