There is a common misconception that a yoga instructor or even just a habitual student must portray an all-encompassing sense of peace and calm. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As if somehow our practice keeps us from feeling emotions like anger, jealousy, or hatred. Or our practice has miraculously kept us from having a bad day ever again. This is far from true. I still make mistakes. I still say and do things I am not proud of. But, much like yoga, life is also a practice. There is an ebb and flow. You build a relationship with life. I spent a month during my RYT200 immersed in every aspect of the yogic practice on a magical lake, living off the land and in harmony with the environment. When I returned I was still craving a cheeseburger and a beer. We are all human. I held myself to a high expectation when I returned but the reality was I’M NOT PERFECT and neither are you. So, stop beating yourself up over small things and focus on the overall picture. Are you kind to the ones around you? Do you show love and compassion? Do you do your best? Are you good to yourself? All these questions are much more important (at least in my eyes) than if you picked the veggie burger over the beef.